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Camp Policies 2015

Please read carefully



Email Communication
Our preferred method of communication from registration through the start of summer camp sessions is via email. Please add  summercamp@stchristopher.org to your email address book to ensure that our communications regarding your camper and his/her registration do not go to your spam or junk mail folder.

Registration Dates
Early registration (see following paragraph for qualifications) will be open Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 9am through Friday, January 30, 2015 at 5pm. Registration will re-open for all applicants on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 9am. Online applications or downloadable registration forms will be available on the website. We operate strictly on a first come, first served basis. Please note that sessions fill up quickly, so plan to apply early for the best opportunity of getting your first choice.
Early Registration

In order to register at the earlier date of January 15, the camper applying, their parents, or grandparents must be members (i.e. in regular, weekly attendance) of a parish or school of the Diocese of South Carolina or another Anglican or Episcopal parish or school that has booked use of St. Christopher at any time in the 2015 calendar year. The list of those eligible will be included in the online registration form that is used during early registration. Any applications received from non-members before February 4th will be rejected.
Apply for sessions according to what grade the child is currently completing, not according to what grade he/she will be in next school year.

Buddy Camp

This program is for younger campers (graduates of K5, 1st, and 2nd grades only) and a same genter "buddy". Buddy Camp gives children and their "buddy" an opportunity to see what camp is all about by participating in an overnight session. Campers may bring a same gender parent, grandparent, sibling (must be 18yrs. or older), or a family friend. Each camper (even if from the same family) must bring a buddy. Adults may not serve as buddy to more than one camper at a session. Session fees for Buddy Camp include camper and their buddy.

Outdoor Encounters Adventure Camp
During these sessions, campers will spend their week sleeping in tents, cooking over fires, participating in activities at St. Christopher, and exploring rivers and creeks of the Lowcountry. While this may be a more rugged session than our traditional camp, the idea of the Outdoor Encounters Adventure Camp is to help campers escape their comfort zone, feel more vulnerable, and recognize their need for a Savior. Leaders will focus on helping the campers to identify their gifts for leadership as they have been given, and by encouraging campers to grow into those gifts. For more information, please visit the Outdoor Encounter page. Start and end times may vary slightly from our regular sessions.


Family Camp
For more information or to book a reservation for this program, please download a registration form from our website or contact Rhonda Myers at (843) 768-0429.
Session Start Times
All registrations take place in Susanna's House. Except for Buddy Camp, camp sessions begin with registration from 1:30–2:30pm on the first day of the session. Please do not arrive before 1:15pm, as this hampers our efforts to get ready to receive your campers. Buddy Camp registration is from 9:00–10:00am on Friday morning for sessions 2 and 10 and from 9:00-10:00am on Thursday for session 7. 
Session Closing Ceremonies
All closing ceremonies take place in Susann'a House. Sessions 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12 and 13 will end with a closing service on the final day of the session beginning at 9:20am. Sessions 1 & 9 will end with a closing service at 1:20pm on the final day.  Parents, family, friends, clergy, children’s ministers and youth ministers are encouraged to attend this service. Camp is not over until the closing service is over. Please do not leave with your child until then. Buddy Camp ends at 5pm on Saturday afternoon for sessions 2 and 10 and on Friday afternoon for session 7.

Full Session Attendance
Campers are accepted for the entire camp session and must attend the session in its entirety. Please select a session that does not conflict with school, family vacations, or sporting events. To do otherwise is unfair to fellow campers, staff and those on the wait list.

Multiple Campers within the Same Family
When completing the online application, add all prospective campers in a family to the account before submitting the application and payment. If you are a grandparent applying for grandchildren from different families, please create a separate account for each family of grandchildren. If applying by mail, we request a separate application and payment form for each camper to insure proper credit of the account.

Our preferred method of application is online. If you do not have access to the internet and wish to fill out a paper application, you can request one from the Student Ministries Office by calling (843) 768-1337 or you may download one from this website. These forms will be available on January 15th. Please note that applications received in the mail are at a disadvantage as we receive our mail after 1pm most days.
Acceptance & Wait List
If the online registration is successfully completed and the application fee is paid, the camper has been accepted into the session selected. An auto email will be generated and sent at the time of registration. No other statement emails will be sent regarding account balances.

If applying for the Wait List, the camper will be notified for which session(s) he/she has been wait-listed.   The maximum number of children allowed on a wait list is 25.  If the wait lists are full for all sessions selected, we will notify you accordingly. When we receive cancellations for a full session, we notify children on the wait list in the order of application and require an application fee payment in order to secure a spot.


Fees & Payments
A non-refundable application fee is required in order to successfully complete registration. The fee is $100 for all sessions except Buddy Camp sessions (which is $50). There is a $3 card processing fee assessed to final balances paid by credit card. If final payment is submitted by check, the $3 card fee can be deducted from the final balance. All camp balances are due no later than April 24th, in order to avoid a $20 late fee per camper. Camper registrations are subject to cancellation if balances are not paid in full by the deadline. Note: No application fee is required for waitlisted campers.

If a check is returned, the camper registration becomes "pending" until a replacement payment is received. If payment is not received promptly, the registration will be cancelled. There is a $20 charge for all checks returned.

Cancellation Policy & Changes to your Application   **Please read carefully**
Application fees are non-refundable. All cancellations and changes to applications must be made in writing. Either e-mail us at  summercamp@stchristopher.org or write to us at Summer Camp, St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center, 2810 Seabrook Island Rd, Johns Island, SC 29455. Please do not request changes over the telephone.
If cancellation is made after April 24th, refunds of any additional money paid (beyond the non refundable application fee) will only be given if the created vacancy can be filled.  Exceptions can be made in the case of documented medical emergencies or illness. Refunds must be requested within a month of the end of the camp session for which the child was registered. Refunds will only be issued to the parent/guardian named on the application within a month of the written request.
Limited scholarship help is available from the James L. White Scholarship Fund. Generally St. Christopher can provide up to 1/3 of the cost for those with a verifiable need. This assistance also asks the home church to provide 1/3 of the cost, and the camper’s family to provide the remaining 1/3 of the cost. The first step is to register for the desired session, paying the $100 application fee. After successful registration, a completed scholarship application may be submitted. The scholarship application can be found on this website. Scholarship applications are due by April 24th. If applying to camp after April 24th, the scholarship application must be received within 14 days of the date of registration.


Scholarship Gift Options
We ask that all applicants and their families prayerfully consider making a contribution to our scholarhsip fund. When applying online, a $10 scholarship gift will be added to the account when a session is selected. The opportunity to decline or increase the giving level is available during the registration process.

Medical Form & Physician Authorization Form
NEW THIS YEAR...There are TWO medical forms that must be completed; the "Medical Form" (completed and submitted online) and the "Physician's Authorization Form" (to be printed, signed by a physician and postmarked no later than April 24th).

  1. Medical Form: This online medical form is not required to complete registration, but must be completed and submitted by April 24th in order to avoid a $20 late fee, per camper. Log in to your account to complete this form online. It is found under the "Forms" section.
  2. Physician's Authorization Form: This "hard copy" form is not required to complete registration, but must be printed and mailed no later than April 24th. Please go to www.stchristopher.org and print the Physician's Authorization Form, found under the "Accepted Campers" tab under the "Summer Camp" section. This form must be completed and signed by a physician in order for the camper to be eligible to attend camp. Please mail the completed form to: Summer Camp Office, St. Christopher Camp & Conference Center, 2810 Seabrook Island Road, Johns Island, SC 29455. The form must be postmarked no later than April 24th to avoid a $20 late fee, per camper.

Medication Administration Policy

  • All medications, prescription & over-the-counter, require a physician's authorization.
  • Prescription medications must be in the original container with pharmacy label attached. Only send the number of tablets your child will need. Do not send  full bottles.
  • Over-the-counter medications sent must be in the original container and labeled with camper's name.
  • Each medication container must include only the medication indicated on the label.
  • The first dose of a medication that a camper has not taken before should be given at home so the camper can be monitored closely for hypersensitivity and side effects.
  • **Medications not in original containers or packaging WILL NOT be given.**
  • **Medications will only be administered according to label directions.**
  • **Prescription medications being sent with your camper should be listed on the online "Medical Form".**
  • For camp sessions that closing ceremonies begin in the morning, campers will not receive their morning medications. Parents should be prepared to administer edications upon leaving St. Christopher.

Cabin Mate Requests
Cabin mate requests are optional and can be made by logging in to your online account and submitting the "Cabin Mate Request" form. We will only consider reciprocal requests. Only two requests can be made. If more than two names are entered, the request is VOID. Once the form is completed and submitted, changes cannot be made online. Only requests that are received by the April 24th deadline will be considered. There is no guarantee, but we do our best to place your child with at least one camper of their choosing.


We will contact you only if we believe that a camper’s homesickness is proving to have a negative effect on the overall experience of your camper and of other campers. Campers are not allowed to call home for the duration of the session; they may, however receive and send mail daily.


Multiple Sessions
Campers are not permitted to register (initially) for multiple sessions of camp. We want as many children as possible to have the opportunity to attend summer camp! If your camper is interested in attending a second session, please contact the summer camp office after April 10th. If there is session availability at that time, campers may register for additional sessions.


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